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ezPayment (Credit Card Processing)

Today’s customers expect to be able to make purchases without cash. With our ezPayment solutions, we make it easy to handle credit-card processing for your business. First National Bank of South Miami has an experienced officer dedicated to bankcard processing services. She will work with you to design a payment-processing solution that saves you money, while explaining necessary fees. We enjoy a strong partnership with First Data, the industry leader in credit-card processing.

Watch the video below to learn more about ezPayment.

Benefits of ezPayment

With our ezPayment solutions, you can increase sales revenues and client loyalty by:

  • Accepting all major credit cards such as Visa, Master Cards, American Express, and Discover — this is a must in today’s purchasing environment.
  • Accepting various debit solutions that offer convenience for your clients and faster delivery of payments to you. Debits are the fastest-growing form of electronic payment. They offer low cost to you, guaranteed payments, and fraud reduction.
  • Working with us to create a customized gift card program. Studies indicate that gift card users tend to spend more than the issuing value of the card. They also bring new clients to the merchant.
  • Using our electronic check conversion, which will speed up the time in which you receive funds.
  • Adopting wireless solutions
  • Using internet services that allow for Virtual PC posting
  • Offering Point of Sale (POS) terminals

We can enhance your current bank processing services by providing a comprehensive, fully integrated payment processing solution. Through these improvements, you will be liberated to focus on the growth and success of your business.

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