Defend against ID Theft as soon as you suspect it

Request a copy of your credit reports from each of the credit bureaus at or  888.322.8228. It is free of charge once a year.

Check your financial statements regularly.

Call the three credit bureaus to be placed on “Fraud Alert” or “Security Freeze”. You may also choose to have them contact you first for authorization each time a credit report is  requested on your behalf.

Equifax – 800.525.6285; Experian – 888.397.3742; TransUnion – 800.680.7289

Close any accounts that were compromised, write down the individual you spoke to, date and time. File a police report to assist creditors with proof of the crime.

Report the theft to the Federal trade Commission at or call

If you believe someone has your social security number, report the crime to the IRS by filling out the IRS Identity Theft Affidavit (Form 14039).


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