Manatee Fest

The City of South Miami together with Prince Media Development has joined forces to organize the South Miami Manatee Tour. Fashioned after the Cows in Chicago, the Cincinnati Pig Gig, the Flamingos in Miami Beach and Coral Gables and the Peacocks of Coconut Grove, South Miami will host a larger than life beautiful fiberglass manatee in the Winter of 2011.


This is a unique interactive free public art exhibit in our City; the First National Bank of South Miami is very excited to be a part of this wonderful event. “Certainly this is the first Public Art Exhibit. We feel this is a great opportunity for our community to come together and support Public Art,” commented Veronica Birch Flores, EVP.


The Bank is the presenting sponsor with a sculpture of a Manatee and her Calf. We commissioned Humberto Benitez to paint her. The Bank hosted several of the events associated with the Manatee Fest in the South Miami office:


Press Conference


The press Conference was held on Thursday, September 9th and it was a great success. We had NBC 6 news, as well as Chanel 10, Telemundo along with print media in attendance.


The Unveiling of the Manatee


We hosted the unveiling ceremony of the Manatee sculpture on Friday, November 12th.  The event took place during SOMI Art Walk in South Miami. The South Miami Middle School Jazz Ensemble played. The event was well attended and a great success! We had various artists in attendance, as well as dignitaries from the City of South Miami.