Ways Criminals Get Your Personal Information

One of the most popular ways  criminals steal your identity is by obtaining personal information from statements or bills that you throw away. Many experts recommend that you always shred sensitive documents before disposing of them.

Stealing checking/savings account statements, credit card statements, pre-approved credit offers, new checks and tax information from your mailbox.

Obtaining your credit report by posing as your landlord, employer or someone else who may have a right to such information.

Stealing wallets or purses.

Imprinting your credit or debit  card, or swiping it at a skimming device, while the card is out of your sight at a restaurant or retail establishment.

Completing “change of address” forms to send your mail to another address.

Finding personal information in  your home or in your trash.

Hacking into a retail stores computer system and collecting debit or credit card information such as card and PIN numbers.

Attaching a slimming device to the face of an ATM or making another alteration to the card slot or keypad to download your card information.

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