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We offer superior personal service and have been family owned since 1952. Most of our officers have a minimum of 25 years of banking experience in South Florida. Our safety and soundness is ranked within the Top 1% in the State of Florida.

Since 1952, First National Bank of South Miami has distinguished itself with unrivaled experience serving the financial needs of every sector. Because we know our clients well, we can offer them detailed, individual assistance, along with award-winning services from commercial lending to trust management to a comprehensive range of personal banking services.

First National Bank of South Miami has always been respected for its professionalism, integrity, security, and solvency. Our quality has consistently earned us the recognition and highest ratings from independent analysts. Our continued quality and active role in the South Miami community have earned us many loyal clients throughout the years.

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2018 Annual Report

GROWTH – All banks are working to increase their loan portfolio and certainly FNBSM is no different. Many years of building relationships has earned us a strong reputation as a lender of choice. Our responsive and flexible terms allow us to customize just the right terms to meet our clients’ needs. We are committed to stay true to our very conservative underwriting criteria. With that being said we were able to grow our loan portfolio by 25% year over year. In fact our fourth quarter growth ranked us number two in the county for all banks under $1 Billion in assets.

STABILTY – Impressively, we have grown our loan portfolio while maintaining our very significant strength and stability. This is clearly demonstrated by our very low percentage of loans that are not performing. At the end of 2015 non-performing loans stood at .15% of our loan portfolio, compared to the average for Florida commercial banks of .97%. Equally significant is our very low percent of past due loans of .73% compared to the Florida average for commercial banks of 1.56%. Both of these are important indicators of the strength of the individual loans that make up our loan portfolio.

TECHNOLOGY – We are quite proud to continue our emphasis on investing in technology. In our dynamic industry, "Making it Easy" to bank with us has been at the forefront of what we do! We have been a leader in bringing the latest technology to our clients. In many instances we have been the first local community bank to bring new technological services to our clients. It is a unique combination of high tech delivered with friendly service. In 2015 we introduced services such as person-to-person payments and expedited deposit processing via teller capture. In 2016 our clients can look forward to enhancements such as enhanced mobile applications, online chat, business online invoicing, and online account opening. These are clear examples of how we use technology to stand out from others.

TRUST & WEALTH MANAGEMENT – This capable group of professionals have spent years ably helping our clients achieve their financial goals. Whether the assistance our clients needed related to achieving personal goals, estate planning or investment management, our staff of highly experienced specialized experts have helped them achieve their goals.

DEPOSIT BASE – We are quite fortunate to have a very strong and loyal core of deposit clients. We have demonstrated superior service to our clients since 1952. As a result, our deposit client deposit base is loyal; they value the uncompromising service that we offer in a friendly and genuine manner. So many of our clients have established genuine, caring friendships with our bankers.

OUR COMMUNITY – Our commitment to our local communities is unwavering. We have always encouraged our team members to give back to our community. Our staff donated hundreds of hours during 2015 in the pursuit of improving our community.

OUR TEAM - All of our accomplishments are made possible through the dedicated effort of our professional bankers. We have a very low turnover rate within our very experienced team of officers; the vast majority of those officers have more than 25 years of local banking experience.

EXPANSION – We are very excited about our planned expansion to the Doral Area. Doral brings many great opportunities to expand our commercial lending portfolio. While opening the branch is still months away, we have already assembled a remarkable team that have begun the work of introducing FNBSM to the local Doral market. We thank you very much for your business and loyalty. We look forward to many more years of serving you and your financial needs.

With great pride we report that since 1989, FNBSM has been awarded a recommended rating by BAUER FINANCIAL, Inc. for Safety and Soundness. FNBSM is in rare company, ranked in the top 1% for Safety and Soundness amongst Florida banks according to Bauer.