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Commercial Loans

First National Bank of South Miami’s commitment is to assist you to manage the financial needs of your business efficiently with an acceptable level of risk.

No matter what your business needs financing for, we have the ideal credit solution to meet those needs. Tell us what you plan to do with your funds, and we can help guide you to several appropriate financing options.

We take pride in delivering the financing you need to help your business thrive while providing you with exceptional service.

We offer the following commercial loan products:

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Commercial real estate financing can be a complicated process without bankers, who understand your needs and are able to help you accomplish your goals. The Lending Officers at First National have the experience needed to structure loans for a variety of business needs.

Financing is available for income-producing and owner-occupied properties:

  • Up to $7.5 Million
  • Up to 10-year maturities with 25-year amortization

Commercial Lines of Credit

Take advantage of the immediate availability of cash, without a formal application, each time you need funds. Our clients commonly use this product line to finance receivables and inventory for growing businesses. 

Equipment Financing 

These short-term loans are designed to assist with the purchase of computer systems, telephone systems, leasehold improvements, and other equipment used in your expanding business. 

Letters of Credit

Stand-by or domestic letters of credit are available to meet bonding, trade finance, and (or) insurance requirements.

Investor Owned Residential Real Estate for Domestic and Foreign Customers

Commercial loans are available to finance residential investment properties where the primary source of repayment is lease income. Our programs provide competitive rates to both domestic and foreign investors seeking to obtain conservatively structured loans geared toward establishing profitable returns on non-homesteaded South Florida residential real estate.

Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans

In addition to our conventional financing options, we are an active participating lender under the Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loan program. This is a product in which the SBA participates directly in the funding of the loan. After calculating the total cost of a project, FNBSM finances 50% of the total cost of the project, the SBA finances 40%, and the owner invests 10%.

There are a number of advantages to SBA 504 loans, including but not limited to: favorable rates, longer terms, and full amortization. Proceeds are often used for commercial real estate (purchases, construction, expansion, or refinance), machinery, equipment, furniture, or fixtures.

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