First National Bank of South Miami

  • Barbara S. Stein, Executive Producing Director

    Read Actors’ Playhouse Productions, Inc. Testimonial

    Actors’ Playhouse has been an important cultural leader in our community for decades!

    FNBSM is proud to assist such a wonderful organization to obtain PPP funding which will help the Actors’ Playhouse to continue bringing joy to all who attend its theatrical productions.

    “I want to share my sincere appreciation on behalf of myself, Actors’ Playhouse, and our dedicated employees.

    We are eternally grateful to you and FNBSM for your excellent successful effort in helping us receive the Small Business Loan. As a nonprofit, the loan will allow us to retain 19 long-term employees, some who were temporarily laid off because of COVID-19. The funds from the loan will help our organization sustain ourselves while developing critical plans to come back when we get the GREEN light, hopefully this summer, and to make plans for our exciting 2020-2021 Season. It will also help us pay for shop rent and utility fees.

    I can only imagine the effort your team played in helping us and others who are clients of your bank.  I can honestly say that it was the best decision ever made last year to become clients of FNBSM. Your team is absolutely wonderful!   Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

  • Eric Haas, Chairman and Founder - Michael “Spike” Anderson, VP Facilities & Equipment  - Christine Marques, COO

    Read Sports Grill Testimonial

    We are proud to be a strong supporter of our business community. Notes such as this make us especially enthused.

    “FNBSM has made me a believer in my local bank and its team. I was always a fan of BOA, but with how Sports Grill has been treated and how your team has tirelessly answered emails and questions, you have a wonderful staff to be proud of for sure that has gone above and beyond in this very trying situation.  They always made us feel as if we were the ONLY company they were working for.  

    I am forever grateful that Eric, Spike and I have become partners in Sports Grill and I also know that we could not be successful without our staff - our family, and for that I am humbled and appreciative. 

    Thank you and your team for ensuring our team, Eric's legacy and all that is Sports Grill has been looked after.”  - Christine Marques

  • Andy Rodriguez, Co-Founder

    Read the salty donut Testimonial

    We are committed to being there for our clients in good and bad times. We are proud to provide support to our clients.

    “The personable approach and attention to detail FNBSM has is second to none. They made applying for the PPP, which for ANY small business was a very scary, very daunting and much-needed relief, a pain-free and easy process. I got updates from the team multiple times per day, they answered my texts at crazy hours of the day - the PPP process and really banking in general with FNBSM feels less like 'banking' and more like you're chatting with your internal finance/accounting team. I thought banking like this didn't exist anymore, but I just wasn't looking at the right place. These guys will forever hold my banking business!”

  • Mary Beth Klock Perez, President

    Read Better families through tae kwon do Testimonial

    We always strive to provide personalized service. Each of our bank clients is important to us. Some clients are legendary, spanning decades of time.

    “Team, all your hard work and crazy hours dedicated to support us all is appreciated.

    I have always been proud to be part of FNBSM. This has been my only bank since my childhood. I have always chosen to stay here for just the reason proven through this crazy time.

    This is a bank where the individual person matters, and their unique needs always seem to be considered.

    Character counts here. This is important to me, and my rather large Klock family ... lol. Great work as always ... and all the greats before you.”

  • Our commitment to our clients is sincere. Helping through this pandemic is essential.

     “We have accounts at 3 banks and FNBSM is the only bank that has shown the utmost concern for the business owner keeping them up to date on the PPP every step of the way.  

    This kind of personalized service is not found too often in today’s banking environment and your organization is to be commended for being there for your account base. 

    It’s refreshing and offers a sense of calm and community that with FNBSM we really are in this together!

    Thank you for all your insightful updates every step of the way and the care you have shown for your bank customers!  It’s a crazy world out there today and it’s nice to know someone is out there watching over us!”

  • Jeff Reamer, President

    Read Dixie Landscape Testimonial

    FNBSM is committed to fulfilling our clients’ banking needs as quickly and smoothly as possible. We enjoy serving a diverse community of businesses contributing to the beauty of our community.

    “We REALLY appreciate all that FNBSM has done to help us. I believe you are really helping a lot of businesses for little or no return. Sue and I would like to let you know what that means to us. Thanks again!” - Jeff Reamer, President, Dixie Landscape

    “Thank you so much!  Jeff really said it well. We appreciate your help and attention and all of the time you all put in. You really made it as painless as it could possibly be.  Thanks again” - Sue Reamer. 

  • James H. Clark, Jr., President

    Read benson electric inc. Testimonial

    Benson Electric has been a great business in our community for so many years. Many of us have enjoyed their products and service.

    FNBSM recently received this kind note from one of our wonderful clients. We are pleased that we were able to assist with the PPP loan.

    “I wanted to personally thank you for all you have done in approving our PPP loan. I truly do not think Benson Electric would have survived without this PPP loan.

    Your efforts are greatly appreciated, again, Thank You very much.” 

  • Manny Benitez, P.E., President

    Read Metric Engineering Testimonial

    Metric Engineering provides critical infrastructure for dozens of municipalities. In addition, they provide essential emergency services as well.

    FNBSM always looks out for our clients. We never take our clients for granted and always strive to provide excellent service with every transaction.

    “Over the course of our 25+ year relationship, FNBSM and its people have become trusted friends.  After becoming so accustomed to how well they take care of us, our banking experience could easily be taken for granted.  However, FNBSM deserves to be recognized for always surpassing our expectations, always tailoring their services for our dynamic needs.  Throughout the years, they’ve been with us every step of the way, helping us to navigate through various options to provide needed security for our business, while allowing us the freedom to focus on what we love, our work.  We are ever grateful to have partners like you!“

  • “We have been customers of FNBSM for over 18 years now. 

    Very much appreciate the effort Mr. Bruna made in getting us prepared (and approved for the PPP Loan) and was available to answer all the questions we had in a very professional and timely manner especially going through this extremely difficult time for all of us small businesses and the amount of work you must be getting from the high demand of loans.   It has been a pleasure working with him and thought you should know as this makes us even more proud to do business and continue doing business with you fine institution. 

    We have nothing but wonderful things to say about your bank and your staff like Jacob who is so helpful with our automated check scanner, Sandra who is so polite every time we call, and especially Julian Bruna who was so dedicated in helping us in  a very difficult and stressful time for our small business.”

  • “A savior.

    After being informed by a large bank that they would not be able to secure the PPP loan, we turned to FNBSM whom immediately said “yes, we can!”  They were extremely helpful, resourceful and during every step they kept us informed and up to date with how the process was coming along.  Needless to say, FNBSM now has ALL of our commercial business!

    On behalf of our 50 plus team members we say, “Thank you to FNBSM”.”

  • Aida Curtis, President/Owner

    Read Curtis & Rogers Design Studio Testimonial
    “After being rejected for a PPP loan with my bank of 35 years, I reached out to FNBSM on a Saturday afternoon for help in getting a PPP loan. Not only did the team walk me through the process, but I was approved and funded in less than a week.  I didn’t know these people, they didn’t know me… now we are on a first name basis.  This is what COMMUNITY means, people willing to help.”  

  • Tico Casamayor, President

    Read AC Graphics Testimonial
    “To my longtime and new friends, I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work and effort you put into obtaining the PPP loan. My staff and family cannot thank you all enough. All my business associates are already wondering how I was blessed enough to be one of the companies to get funded when their banks could not get it done. Thank you again!”

  • “Our business would not have succeeded without the help of the wonderful members of FNBSM. You have never failed to help us, especially in a time of need such as this one, which has affected this Country immensely. If every bank was like FNBSM, we would not have any problems.

    Thank you once again for always being there for us. We cannot thank you enough.”

Avra Jain – The Vagabond Group 

“FNBSM’s partnership with us has contributed to our development success which, in turn, has contributed to Miami’s evolving landscape”

Brad Williamson – Berkadia

First National Bank of South Miami we have found to be one of the best community banks in South Florida. They have continually delivered exceptional business terms for our customers while maintaining the highest level of consumer service. We constantly get great feedback from our clients who tend to do repeat business with the bank. We are fortunate not only to do business with First National Bank of South Miami but to also call consider them friends.

Beverly A. McGhee – Alexander Montessori School

For 56 years the First National Bank of South Miami has served our personal and business banking needs, supporting the growth of Alexander Montessori School with excellent guidance and personal attention from friendly, dediated staff members.

Tony Cho - METRO 1

First National Bank of South Miami has been an excellent banking partner and one of the easiest to work with since I started my career nearly 15 years ago.

FNBSM has the local market knowledge and relationships that make it an ideal partner. They have provided me with excellent customer service and treat me like a VIP. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the FNBSM team. I look forward to many more years of success together.

Debbie & Tony Khoury, Home System Control

First National Bank of South Miami has been our choice bank since we first opened our Home Automation business in 1991. From the tellers at the front line to the executive vice president all the way to the 

Chairman, we have received first class treatment. FNBSM and its very qualified staff have guided us along the way enabling us to focus on our business knowing that we had a first rate bank behind us for all of our banking needs.

FNBSM has given us the personal touch that you can’t find anywhere else. We honestly feel truly blessed that we found such a great bank and plan on continuing our relationship well into the future.

Eddie Montalvo, President, Silver Wings Aerospace

When I started my business, FNBSM helped me fund it by raising the credit limit on my Home Equity Line of Credit. Due to high sales volume, I needed additional capital to expand after the first nine months and when other banks said they don’t lend to start ups, FNBSM said yes to a receivables line of credit.

Giorgio Balli, CEO, GB Architecture Interiors Constructions

I have been a loyal customer since 1992, and can honestly say that FNBSM embodies all the professional qualities you could ask for in a financial institution. The bank’s core values include a sound investment policy that has stood the test of time, giving the client a strong feeling of financial security.

The staff at the bank is highly knowledgeable and courteous, eager to help out with all you financial needs. Together with rock solid principles, hometown appeal and the necessary know how, FNBSM will be your financial partner for life!

Jacque Huttoe, President, Huttoe Group, Realty Services

During my career spanning many years in the Miami commercial real estate market, I have had many rewarding associations which are essential to succeed and grow. The increasingly volatile and complex dynamics of the market requires, most importantly, a financial partner with the resources and dedication to effectuate rewarding endeavors.

We value our close partnership with FNBSM and rely on their dedicated and sincere professionalism in providing financial services in a personal and supportive manner second to none! With the wonderful staff at FNBSM we have had a most satisfying and enjoyable relationship which we anticipate will continue to grow. I never hesitate to recommend MY bank to others.

Jeff Flanagan, Esq. – Flanagan & Williard, P.A.

Without hesitation, I recommend FNBSM to my clients and friends. The service, courtesy and friendly faces are un-matched. No matter the issue, someone is available to answer an email or to take the phone call. As a small business owner, it is imperative that I am able to reach people and not spend eons on hold or passed around to multiple voicemails. A close banking relationship is part of the formula for success and that’s what you get with FNBSM.


James McCants, Project Coordinator, MCRA

My father, James McCants, Sr., has banked with First National Bank of South Miami since I was a child, despite living near MetroZoo. I remember how they always treated my father in good spirits and with enthusiasm.

As South Miami Community Redevelopment Agency’s Community Outreach Program Coordinator, part of my functions is to help uplift the neediest of South Miami and I have always heard good things about FNBSM. For years they have served the community by supporting programs for the needy providing financial education for students and coordinating annual holiday toy drives.

Juan Comendeiro, Benefit Plus

Most banks try and push you to all kinds of products, even ones you don’t need. At First National Bank of South Miami, they understand what I really need. So whether it is for my business or personal banking, their friendly staff stands ready to assist and make it easy for me! Here, you are treated great. They always call me by name and ask about my recent fishing and diving accomplishments.


Mary Scott Russell

As a working mother I appreciate the personal service and attention at FNBSM. From campaign accounts and car loans to my son’s first savings account, we have received knowledgeable, principled assistance every step if the way. As a resident of South Miami for more than 21 years, I have seen countless of examples of their unwavering commitment to their clients and the community. We feel good about banking where loyalty matters and look forward to growing with FNBSM for years to come.

Jim Morris, Head Coach University of Miami

Long before I became head coach at UM, First National Bank of South Miami has been involved with the program, dating back to the bank becoming the first wall advertiser at Alex Rodriguez park. 

For nearly twenty years, First National Bank of South Miami has always been behind me and the program. I am proud to say that FNBSM is my bank.


Joseph Sanz – President, Orion Investment and Management LTD, Corp.

FNBSM has been a great and reliable resource for major commercial loans for many years. I consider the bank to be an integral part of our business plan moving forward, and I would have no reservation to wholeheartedly recommend them.

Their reputation has always been second to none, and I certainly understand why this is the case. They always go the extra mile and are incredibly focused on making the loan we require available on the same rate and terms we need for not only our domestics investors but our international investors as well. I wish them continued success.

Peter Cohen, Associate Director, Riviera Schools

Since 1972, Riviera Schools has counted on First National Bank of South Miami as a partner in our educational mission. FNBSM has been a true relationship bank and has been an integral part of our operations. Over the years, we have turned to FNBSM time and time again as a lender to help fund various capital and operational needs. We have always valued the people and the service at FNBSM, and we look forward to continuing our relationship for many more years to come.


Ralph Montalvo, President, Sea Hunter Boats

FNBSM has been our bank for almost 30 years. They have handled my accounts from my first savings accounts to the construction of our new state-of-the-art facility to manufacture Sea Hunter boats. They have always been there to help with our banking needs and performed flawlessly (like our boats!).

Steven Wexler, president, Wexler Insurance Agency

We have used many different banks of all sizes (local, regional and national) over the past ten years. We were impressed by FNBSM’s technological innovation, dedication to customer service and banking expertise. We decided to move a sizeable portion of our business to FNBSM and we have not regretted that decision.

We also appreciated the responsiveness they gave us when obtaining a line of credit for our business. FNBSM was tremendously helpful in navigating us through the process of getting our loan approved in an expeditious manner. More importantly, FNBSM employees genuinely care about their customers and recognize them by name.


Robert G. Berrin – President, Capital Realty

I have been banking with First National Bank of South Miami for over 35 years. During that time, I have been provided not only with the highest quality service but I have been treated as though I was one of the most important customers of the bank.

FNBSM has the unique ability to remain a “hometown” community bank with easy access to its officers and employees while still providing the latest in advanced banking services.

Anthony Askowitz, Broker Owner, RE/MAX Real Estate

Over the years, I have had many occasions to work with banks to obtain financing for investment properties and businesses. With so many mergers of banks, I felt I had lost the personal connection in this process. As soon as I started working with FNBSM in 2008, I knew I had re-discovered that connection and more.

As the broker/owner of the #1RE/MAX office in Florida, I chose FNBSM to hold our multiple escrow accounts and all of our business accounts, and many of our agents do their personal banking with FNBSM. I highly recommend FNBSM for all banking needs, and I look forward to continuing a long relationship with FNBSM.


South Miami Heart Specialists

For 35 years First National Bank of South Miami has been our bank at South Miami Heart Specialists. FNBSM provides big banks services with a small bank feel of real concern and real trust. Thank you for all the years and many more to come. I sleep well at nigh knowing our money is safe at FIRST!

Harry Aldrich, MD, Orlando Almaza, MD, Leonard Zwerling, MD, Abbe Rosenbaum, MD, Jaime Ghitelman, MD, Yale Samole, MD, and Jorge Cuello, MD.

Tim Alexander, president, Trinity Air Conditioning Company LLC

Trinity Air Conditioning has been banking with First National Bank of South Miami for nearly 10 years now since our initial meeting with them, we have never considered banking with anyone else.

The entire team at FNBSM is extremely knowledgeable, courteous and always enthusiastic to serve their customers with the utmost professionalism. Not to mention, with personalized service that is unheard of in today’s banking industry. FNBSM is certainly a unique institution in today’s banking world and we look forward to a continued relationship with our favorite one of a kind bank.


Neil Goodman, CEO of Aventura Worldwide Transportation Services

Working with the management team and support staff of FNBSM has been an exceptional experience for our company. They are extremely responsive to all our banking needs and with respect to our various lines of credit, they are truly a “relationship bank” which is something that were grown to enjoy and appreciate over the many years we have been with them.

Linda Bell, P.E. – President, Civil Works, Inc.

I started banking with First National Bank of South Miami in 1969, when I first moved to Miami. I have always received excellent service and been treated as a valued customer and friend. When I opened Civil Works, Consulting Engineering in 1996, I continued with FNBSM as my bank of choice for my commercial accounts, as well as my personal accounts. During the recent economic downturn, our local economy and my business were strongly impacted. FNBSM’s knowledgeable staff was there to provide expert guidance and assistance to help the business endure these difficult times.

Our business is now strong again and growing. When I walk in the bank offices, I am treated as “one of the family.” This hometown atmosphere, friendly people, and banking knowledge have made it easy for me to remain a loyal friend and customer.