First National Bank of South Miami

Introducing a new way to stop fraud in it's tracks.

In today's debit card world there are criminals that are looking to take advantage of this modern way of paying. With our new FNBSM Fraud Detective program with your help we can stop fight fraud and be one step ahead of the criminals. With this new service you will receive alerts whenever there is suspicious activity on your debit card. 

Fraud Detective alerts you automatically by phone, email and text to suspicious activity on your debit and ATM card. When you receive an alert we will ask you to confirm if you authorize the transaction in question. For added protection in certain suspicious situations, we may block further use of your card until we receive confirmation from you that the transaction is legitimate. 

This program would not be possible without the active assistance of YOU the customers. Whenever these alerts come in via text, email, and phone you will have the option to either accept or decline the purchase. You play a critical role in the success of this initiative and want to make sure your money is safe at First.