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Payroll Protection Program Webinar

PPP Forgiveness: Now or Later?


It has been several months since you applied for and received a PPP loan for your business. Only recently (August 10, 2020), the SBA opened its portal to begin applying for forgiveness. At First National Bank of South Miami (FNBSM), we have partnered with Wolters Kluwer (TSoft) to bring you an automated PPP Forgiveness Application process. Through our online solution you will be able to upload the supporting documentation and complete the worksheets thus facilitating submission of the application.


Because the PPP has been an ever-evolving process, we at FNBSM have worked and continue to work to bring you current information so that you can make the best decisions for you and for your company. To that end, we have created a “Forgiveness: Now or Later?” webinar which will provide you information on whether you should apply for forgiveness now or wait.1


These webinars discuss:


  • The current status of blanket forgiveness (will there be one for loans up to $150,000 ?)
  • Whether you should select the 8 week or 24 week Covered Period
  • New restrictions and limitations on owner/employee compensation
  • Whether or not you can use the abbreviated forgiveness form 3508EZ
  • Which Non-Payroll costs may be included (incurred vs. paid) 



Download and fill out the forgiveness application 

As we have communicated, applying for PPP Forgiveness through FNBSM is through a secure Web Portal, the link of which is below. We have learned that many clients improve their Online application process by downloading the full application (as appropriate; Form 3508 or Form 3508EZ) together with the accompanying instructions. We have provided a link to the “paper” application below so that you may use it as your guide to completing the actual Online application.
PPP FORGIVENESS application 3508EZ

When you're ready to apply, click below 


Click to view previous PPP posted information 


Download one of our helpful PPP Guides

Forgiveness, Now or Later?
PPP Presentation Guide
Tracking Expenses
Loan Forgiveness
These are the presentation slides that were used in our webinar explanation on when to take forgiveness. 
Tracking your expenses and applying for forgiveness is the next steps in the PPP program, this guide will help.
Here's  helpful guide on how to track your expenses and maximize your forgiveness for the business.
Learn the answers to this question, what has happened since you received your PPP monies?

Pre-Recorded Webinars

Topic: PPP Forgiveness, now or later?
Date Recorded: Aug 25, 2020 
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Topic: PPP Forgiveness, now or later?
Date Recorded: Aug 20, 2020 
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Topic: PPP Loan Forgiveness Guidelines
Date Recorded: Jun 3, 2020 
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Program in participation with the SBA.

1 While we continue to read and disseminate the latest guidance in order to keep our clients informed, we do not present ourselves as experts.  Clients are urged to discuss their specific situation with their professional advisors, such as accountants and attorneys.