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We make it easy when it comes to selecting an account at FNBSM. Instead of presenting you with so many options we choose only the accounts that matter to you. Whether you're looking for an account to use with electronic services, unlimited check writing, or a no minimum account, we have great choices for you to choose from.

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Regular Checking
Basic checking Personal MM
Best For... A checking account with unlimited check writing. Minimum balance required to avoid monthly fee. Available to those 55 years of age or older. Free specialty checks available (limited to two orders per year). A basic checking account for everyday banking needs. Interest bearing account with 6 transactions per month. A checking account which allows you to earn interest by keeping a minimum balance.
Minimum Deposit $100 $50 $50 $100 $100
Minimum Balance
Daily/Average Monthly
$750 $0 N/A $2,500 minimum daily balance or $10,000 average monthly balance 
$1,500 minimum daily balance or $5,000 average monthly balance 
Monthly Service Fee
$10.00 None $7 $15 $20
Interest Earning
Online Banking with Bill Pay
Visa Debit Card
Complimentary Checks
Wavied Cashiers Checks
Combined Statements
Mobile Banking

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