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First National Bank of South Miami is Proud to bring you QuickBooks Connect with our award winning online banking platform

Here is a product DESCRIPTION and what you can expect with this add-on: 

FNBSM Quickbooks Connect opens communication between users and the Online Banking portal. This connection type allows Intuit® product users to log on to Online Banking and download their accounts' hardposted transaction content. Users can download this content in several ranges, including since last downloaded, since last statement, a specific date range, or all content. Intuit® software installed on the user's computer recognizes the downloaded file types. This is also a two-way connection type which allows the Intuit® product to exchange instructions with the user's accounts setup on their Online Banking ID. Like Web Connect, this connection type allows users to synchronize account information but it also allows transfer and bill pay capabilities.

  • Available for Mac and Windows versions of Quicken and Quickbooks
  • Have an active two-way connection to all your banking transactions
  • Use our bill pay directly through your Intuit software to keep track of Vendors & more
  • Transfer from account to account directly through your Inutuit software
  • Available for Personal and Commercial Clients
  • Full support from FNBSM Treasury Services Team

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If you have any questions regarding our Online Banking Quickbooks Connect tool and interested in using it for either personal or business use, please contact us via Live Chat or email us at

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Quicken for Mac

Quicken for Windows

Quickbooks for Windows/Mac